All About Me

Navyaa Uppal

My name is Navyaa Uppal. I am 12 years old. I study in grade 7.


I want to become an author when I grow up

People have asked me several times what I want to do when I grow up. I never knew. It had always been very hard for me to decide. There are so many professions! So many wonderful jobs! How can I decide. Several months ago I decided that I want to be a scientist, then I saw a movie ... in which scientists were doing experiments with animals. I am not going to tell it in detail. But after that movie I decided to not be a scientist. I am not saying that the work scientist do is not good or disgusting or anything of that sorts. Without scientists we would have not even got to know a thing about this virus. I believe scientists are extremely important. During this pandemic we have all gotten confined to our homes. I read a lot of books during this time, mostly they were fiction. Suddenly, I felt this need to also write. First, I just started writing a diary entry every night,but they became a bit boring as I was not able to write anything interesting as nothing was happening. So, I started to make a pretend life for myself, I started writing about things that I would never do in real life or something that has never happened to me in real life. I was creating something....that feeling was awesome! Then I wanted to write more and more. I started writing just in rough.Then I started to write a bit more everyday. That is when I knew what I wanted to do.

Things I am fairly good at

  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Skating
  • Fast Reading
  • Languages
  • Science

Things I am not so good at

  • Art/ making potraits
  • Socializing with strangers